The Gay Pride Confederate

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Sifting through some of my photos from last year, I found a shot that tickled and confused me at the time that I took it, and still does now. I would like to share it with all of you.

But first some background: Last summer, I was watching my city’s Gay Pride Parade in my city’s token “gay area”. Amid the drag queens, Log Cabin Republicans, gay flag teams and buses full of lesbians, stood this curious man:

The Mysterious Gay Pride Confederate

I still wonder about you, Gay Pride Confederate. Do you bear the flag as a sign of irony? If you do support what this flag represents, why do you live in the “gay” side of town? Do you brandish the flag as a symbol of your southern roots, as you drink wine topless at 10 in the morning? Do you represent life in a modern age full of contradictions? Mr. Gay-Pride-Confederate-Who-Also-Appears-To-Be-Black, you fascinate me.


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  1. Erich Vieth says:

    Erika: this post reminds me of a topic that has repeatedly fascinated me. We often ask the question: "Who am I?" In this crazy multi-faceted world, we often get convoluted answers. Are these answers logically pure? Do they perfectly harmonize? Hell, no. This man's contradictions might be more visible than those of most other people, but that he harbors "contradictions" is not unusual at all.

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