February 12 is Darwin Day

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Charles Darwin was born on Feb 12, 1809. This was about two generations after Leclerc published a book stating that species are interrelated, and are seen to change over time. Darwin was a bible scholar, and got a degree in Divinity (not science). But his studies of geology and then biology, and his decision to publish popular books about his observations rather than staid peer-reviewed articles led him to his present fame (or infamy, depending on your church).

Here is a good Darwin Day article showing the evolution of his ideas, based on biographer and science writer P. Thomas Carroll, who published and annotated Darwin’s correspondence.

Not to slight our own, here is Erich’s post from “Evolution Weekend” 2007.


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  1. Flora says:

    Sounds like an interesting day! I've never heard of Darwin day before… I need to find out about some of the festivities.

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