The Onion: Time to address gratuitous violence of dreams

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What about the problem of dream violence?    Onion Network News is right on it.

Should We Be Doing More To Reduce The Graphic Violence In Our Dreams?

If you found this Dream Violence video worthy, check out this additional Onion report that Americans are increasingly outsourcing their own jobs.


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  1. Mindy Carney says:

    Thanks for these, Erich. The comments about the government intervening in our dreams goes well with a piece by Jon Stewart on The Daily Show about governmental concern for Sh*t That's Never Gonna Happen! – it's great.

    As for the outsourcing video, I passed that along to a good friend who has watched far too many friends get laid off from IBM, where he used to work, due to outsourcing to find much humor in the topic – but I think he'll like this one.

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