Hawk of the Evening

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I glanced up through my city home office window at dusk, and saw a big bird in the tree.

Eagle big
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So I grabbed my camera and took a few snapshots before she flew. I’m guessing at the gender. At the low light, the shot of her departure is too blurry to share. Am I wasting a post here rather than just putting this as a comment to my previous hawk spotting here?

Or am I just acting out because I have just gotten over the rhino virus that I picked up in Jury Duty on Jan 2, and have today (Quarterly Tax Day for us self-employees) received the Federal Court Jury questionnaire (indicating an imminent Federal Jury Summons)?


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  1. grumpypilgrim says:

    This post reminds me of the day I rescued an injured hawk. It was a remarkable experience. I was out on a mountain bike ride and the bird landed near me. It hopped around in a strange way and I thought it was trying to grab a small rodent, but in fact it had a broken wing. It took quite a while to earn the bird's trust enough to get it to accompany me back to civilization. I was quite a sight — schlepping a long branch with a big hawk perched on it (this was the only way I could carry it, because I did not have any heavy gloves). It was surprisingly light, considering its size. If you've never been up-close to a large bird of prey, let's just say the claws are huge and the eyes feel like they bore right through you. They're amazing animals. I just wish I'd had a camera….

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