Basketball trick shot artist video

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When you watch this, you might think: “Well, sure. I could put together a highlight video like this by trying to make a bunch of difficult shots and then editing out the ones that didn’t go in.”

Nope. You’re wrong . . .


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  1. Ben says:

    I think i could give him a run for his money… 😉

  2. Marlon says:

    Why would I be wrong? That is clearly what he has done. You've still got to give him credit for persistance. Some of those shots had to take 50 or 100 or more tries.

  3. Erich Vieth says:

    Ben & Marlon: Perhaps I was too hasty at sleighting the basketball skills of this readership. Or is it that I am sleighting the persistence and determination of you guys? Isn't this video just a real-life version of the thought experiment where a roomful of monkeys is randomly hopping on typewriters and where one of them, millions of years from now, just happens to produce an entire Shakespearean play?

  4. I think he is doing a great job and the other B-class basketball players are just envying an A-class player. *runs and hides* 😀

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