Bushchromium is not a new element.

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Recent reports of the discovery of a new element which has been called “Bushcromium” have been discredited by the recent discovery of a nearly identical form of the element which is called “Poppium” It appears that the characteristics of Bushcromium and Poppium are nearly identical, with both sharing some of the same morons, peons, assistant neutrons and deputy neutrons.

Scientists now posit that Bushcromium is an isodope of Poppium or they both are an allotrope of the element Hegemonium. Hegemonium, unlike Poppium or Bushcromium is not inert but, aggressively bonds with other elements in a random and sometimes pre-emptive manner. Hegemonium has an Atomic mass of 9/11.

Here is the previously posted report: “Bushcromium, A New Element.” 


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