New study: religion often justifies crime

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According to this website, a new “study found that through “purposeful distortion or genuine ignorance,” hardcore criminals often co-opt religious doctrine to justify or further their crimes.” Further, “criminals will often employ “elaborate and creative rationalizations” to reconcile their belief in God and their serial offending.”


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  1. Tim Hogan says:

    Pretty lame of the skeptical community to cite a “study” of a whopping 47 people as representative of billions of religious across the world. You should be ashamed.

  2. xxx says:

    No, wait.
    It was a study of 48 people, not 47.

  3. Tim Hogan says:

    Gee, I’ll set a up a Straw Man study which combs the nation to find 48 skeptics in prisons which are murderers, child rapers and into having sex with small animals; so all skeptics are murderers, child rapers and have sex with small animals.

    I love how you defend your complete lack of objectivity with an attack on others (somebody else does something I don’t like, I think!)rather than any verifiable or reliable data which support your main thesis. You need a break from writing until whatever has made you so bitter as to make up shit to support your biases and prejudices against religious believers is resolved.

  4. Richard Ramey says:

    The heading tells the miss leading of what the story is .
    You can take anything and lay claim to it as an excuse for something i did wrong and put blaim on something innocent that had no real part. Its not the religion that made them do wrong. They did wrong and used a twisted form of religion as an excuse.
    Why is it that i dont see christians going out of their way to bash on atheist but atheist will go out of the way and even try to provoke an argument with people who believe in a religion. If you truly want to see a country run without a God . All you have to do is look back in history (history is suppose to teach us something instead of repeating it) at the french revolution . When they outlawed religion (God) and called it the “age of reason”. Mans own thinking can didtate what and how he does. Well it only took 3 1/2 years before they had to repeal these laws if no God because the country was falling into ruin from murder, rape cheating, lieing. The moral standard had been so lowered that man was living by his animal instincts of stronger survive (evolution) . Histoy says blood was literly runnng down the streets. That will be again if God moral values are took away. Its been 2 hundred some years since then. Man has fallen even farther now. I cant even picture what would happen if God was down away with again. Overlook spelling, on a phone trying to type.

  5. Richard Ramey says:

    Speeding limits are suppose to keep up “good people”but how many mis use it. So i guess because some will break the speed limit it must not be any good. Lets do away with the speed limit. It makes people speed .

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