Proper Prayer Position for Practicing Postulants

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Do not be deceived that the science of prayer underutilizes the modern tools of charts and graphs and pursues the metrics of metaphysics in less than thorough regard for the contemporary demand for logical breakdown of the very physics of divine petition.  One need only look here to begin to glimpse the dedication to the Popular Mechanics model of spiritual presentation.

Image by kalandrakas at Flickr (creative commons)

Image by kalandrakas at Flickr (creative commons)

In many ways, this reminds me of The Third Eye, with its fake Tibetan flowcharts and associational metaphysics.  At the turn of the 20th Century there were many groups organized around the notion that spirituality was merely a forgotten science and that if the methodology of enlightenment could be found (in tradition Victorian faith-in-science manner) then we could all stop buzzing about churches and indulging fuzzyheaded scattershot traditional religions as a means of elevating ourselves to higher planes.  The Victorians loved diagrams.  Rather like patent applications, really, and that wedded them to invention and progress.  So it only made sense to tackle this whole question of the afterlife and souls and such by the same sort of techniques—if one could reduce a question to a blueprint, as it were, one could get quickly to the center of the matter.

Now we have the phsyiology of proper prayer.  If nothing else, this could be good for one’s posture—except for the constant bending forward, which could exacerbate a stooped shoulder aspect and aggravate osteoporosis…

Well, I suppose there are drawbacks to everything.  Enlightenment at the cost of a straight spine.  Better, I suppose, than a renewed interest in self flagellation and scourging.


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