Will the federal government continue coddling AIG?

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Fascinating Op-Ed in today’s NYT, written by three former prosecutors (ELIOT SPITZER, FRANK PARTNOY and WILLIAM BLACK) who are demanding that AIG be forced to release voluminous emails in its possession that would allow the public to understand the economic meltdown that cost taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars, including 180 billion dollars to AIG.  I agree entirely.  There is no reason for delay.  It’s time to turn AIG inside out, that much is clear.  The only thing that is unclear is whether the politicians in Washington DC can muster up the courage to represent the taxpayers rather than the big banks.

Here’s an excerpt from the Op-Ed piece:



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  1. Erich Vieth says:

    Jim Wallis asks that citizens sign on to ask Congress to require AIG to divulge its internal memos. Why? Because the taxpayers own most of AIG. Tell your representative to pry open AIG and let's see what caused this financial debacle:

    Since AIG is now 80% owned by U. S. taxpayers, it is more than appropriate that we know the truth here. A citizens group has created a website urging people to sign An Open Letter to the Trustees and US Congress, asking that all of these documents be released to investigators. I've signed it, and urge you to do so. With the economy still struggling to recover from the crisis AIG helped to create, with tens of millions of people unemployed and home foreclosures growing, we deserve to know how and by whose decisions this happened in order to hold them accountable. This is what democracy requires; this is what morality requires, this is what religion requires — to tell the truth.


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