An attempt to encourage people to use the stairs

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Here’s one elaborate attempt to try to get people to use the stairs.

I’m sure there would be a cheaper way to get the job done. Maybe they could post a big sign, something like “Escalator only for people with disabilities.”


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  1. Dan Klarmann says:

    After I put this up on FaceBook last Sunday, one of my "friends" argued:

    I love the staircase! But, lest I lose my grump image, I must ask: why is it better behavior to take the stairs? Don't even try to tell me it's about saving energy/carbon emissions.

    I'm all for exercise, and indeed, I think I'm personally much more likely to take the stairs than the average bloke. But, if that's what they meant by "good" I wish they'd say so explicitly. Really, I'd just like to know what good the producers thought they were doing. If you ask me, fun and artistic expressions are great ends in and of themselves. If their goal was to improve fitness, this is probably pretty inefficient.

    I replied:

    This is obviously an art project. However, they had to pitch it to the transit authority to be able to implement it. Explain how it is in the interest of the utility without even an oblique attempt to claim that it may benefit them.

    Politics is also an art form.

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