Stop Discriminating against Sick People!

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Stop Discriminating against Sick People!

Jonathon Alter was a guest on “the Ed Show” tonight on MSNBC. In a noisy debate with Ed, he said that the goal of healthcare reform should be “to end discrimination against sick people”. He said that the path to reform was largely irrelevant. That whether or not there was a public option was largely irrelevant. That healthcare reform is a civil rights issue, and that reform had nothing to do with the mechanics of that reform.

To be clear, Mr Alter stated that he was personally very much for a public option. But he was also very clear that regardless of the public option, this reform needed to pass.

I agree with Jonathon. Discrimination against sick people must stop. Discrimination against people with ‘pre-conditions’ must stop. Discrimination against people, must stop.

It’s time to act. Call your congressman. Enact healthcare reform.


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