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This is another in the series of “backyard bug” photographs several of us are publishing from time to time at DI. I use a consumer grade cameras (Canon’s SD1100SI), and I simply try to have fun finding the extraordinary in the ordinary. This fly photo turned out especially nicely (I think it enjoyed the attention), thanks to a perfectly diffuse batch of sun pouring through a modest layer of clouds outdoors.  For this shot, the lens was about 1 inch from the fly.

Here’s two more thoughts.  This little animal is on the same phylogenetic tree as human animals.  This fly is my cousin.   Hello, cousin!  It puts this fly in such a different light to remember that.  Second, how in the hell can a fly fly?   I’m reminded of the conclusion reached in 1934 by French entomologist August Magnan, who calculated [albeit thinking of bees] that their flight was aerodynamically impossible.  But they somehow can fly (and eat, poop, compete for mates and–oh mymate). Utterly fantastic.  OK, this is an aside: scientists have found that fruit flies compete by “displacement and incapacitation of a previous male’s sperm.”  Highly sophisticated stuff.

Image by Erich Vieth

Image by Erich Vieth


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