River montage in one shutter click

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I carry a little camera with me much of the time, just for moments like this. I was riding a light rail train across the Mississippi River today. The west end of the bridge consisted of a series of heavy metal girders and cables, as well as stone arches. The train was going about 30 mph, with the light from the windows flashing by, the south view of the river in front of me and the north view of the river reflecting off of the train windows. I took about 10 photos, most of which weren’t interesting. I found this particular photo delightful, though. It looks like a montage, kind of a “life on the river while gliding across an old bridge” pasting of images. I can assure you, though, that this photo is completely (completely) untouched. You can also see a blurring about many of the edges, due to the speed of the train. This photo is expandable, if you want to see more details.


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