Principal drowns hundreds of grade school students in school basement

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As the police were hauling Principal Soeht away in handcuffs, a reporter shouted one last question:

“Why did you drown hundreds of students in the basement of Tarara Elementary School?”

Soeht stared angrily at the reporter and replied, “Because almost all of those children were badly behaved and because I am the principal.   I will wipe out these wicked children!”

Image by cynthiacloskey at Flickr (creative commons)

Image by cynthiacloskey at Flickr (creative commons)

A bystander then advised the reporter that a handful of students had survived.  After ordering the entire school into the basement on the pretense of an emergency, Principal Soeht had opened some large water spigots.  As the water started to fill the basement, Soeht quickly appointed a fifth grader named Timmy Ahwon to hand-select a small group of six of his friends and allowed only Ahwon and his six friends to leave the rising waters of the basement of Tarara Elementary School.

As these seven survivors left the basement, Principal Soeht  locked the remaining hundreds of children behind large gates as water poured out of several large pipes in the basement (seen here), leading to loud screaming, vigorous splashing, sobbing and, eventually, silence.

Image by chrislugosz at Flickr (creative commons)

Image by chrislugosz at Flickr (creative commons)

Although the seven survivors escaped death, they were not allowed to leave the school. Soeht forced Ahwon and his friends to live in a second floor classroom for one-hundred and fifty days while the school basement was filled with water and all the way to the basement ceiling.

On their way up to the second floor, Soeht demanded the seven surviving students to hand-select and feed pairs of various animals that the students had been keeping in the classrooms as pets. While bodies of hundreds of children’s rotted in the flooded school basement for months, the small group of hand-selected students on the second floor carefully fed and cared for pairs of turtles, goldfish, birds, hamsters and other animals.

After the seven survivors had lived in the second-floor classroom for five months, Principal Soeht instructed Ahwon to allow several of the pet birds to go free by letting them fly out the second floor window.

The police charged Soeht with mass murder.  They characterized him as a hideous madman.

The surviving children were apparently not upset with the actions of Soeht, however.  Instead, they praised him for saving them.   Ahwon himself reportedly referred to Soeht as “a completely honorable man.”  In fact, Ahwon seemed intent on carrying out a command repeatedly given to him by Soeht during the basement flood: to fill the school with new students who were well-behaved, to replace the badly-behaved dead students.

A woman who lived near the school was inconsolable.  This is the second horrible incident I’ve learned of today.  God help us!


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  1. Chilling tale. Thanks for sharing it.

    I wonder how many of those who claim to know and love "Soeht" will recognize this story. I'm guessing not many, based on Karl's response to the Ota case.

  2. sosman says:

    So does he think he is Noah or God?

  3. Malky says:

    This does not seen credible, particularly as I cna find no ither reference to this. NO parent misses their children for 5 months! Of course I may not have the full story.

  4. Erika Price says:

    Keep 'em coming, guys.

  5. Erich Vieth says:

    Based on some comments and other reactions, I'd better add this explanatory note. I am disturbed that many theists like to give "God" a free pass when it comes to morality. No matter what he does, God is "good" because He is God, even when the things He does are despicable.

    This fictional story is an attempt to show one of the well-publicized and applauded hings that God has supposedly done without revealing that the protagonist is God. What do you think about the actions of that school principal? Does it make you angry? Then why do we applaud the biblical story of Noah's Ark?

    Let's not focus exclusively on Noah and his family and their menagerie. Let's tell the story from the perspective of the (presumably millions of) victims too, and then judge "God" according a moral principal that we all really accept in the real world: Don't commit mass murder.

  6. Erich: God is simply not held to the same standards as the rest of us. He is exempt. The reason most often given to me by believers is, "We can not know what is in the mind of God." That seems to seriously contradict the also common assertion that we CAN know the mind and will of God by studying the bible. And yet when we take the actions of God in the bible and transplant them to modern day…you see the problem.

    The very personal reasons for this trashing of rationality run deep and are difficult if not impossible to overcome. I discuss this subject in my latest entry.

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