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I have had the incredible fortune to get away for 5 days to Nantucket, where my extended family owns a vacation home. This time away has reminded me of how important it is to get away in order to better see your own life as others see it. With reluctance I am heading back home tomorrow. In the meantime, I’d like to share a few of the images I’ve enjoyed out here. I’d you’d like to see any of these up close, just click on the image.

This is a view from an old cabin by the sea. On several occasions I read in the cabin.

During a sunset a few days ago, I noticed that the sun was lighting up the moist shells on the beach. Even random patches of shells looked like treasure.

This evening I watched the sun set at Quidnet Beach. The sun was blasting the clouds from behind me, while the water stayed a rich blue-gray. It was about 50 degrees and rather gusty, but I was mesmerized by the view.

Also from Quidnet. The comings and goings of gulls, minus the gulls.

This is looking west, at the town of Nantucket as the sun set. I really enjoyed the reflective lighting framing the town.

Here’s a windblown tree just off Quidnet Beach.

I’ll end with a thought inspired by my need to return to a more stressful life, this quote by Friederich Nietzsche: “It is by invisible hands that we are bent and tortured worst.” Thus Spoke Zarathustra.


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  1. You are getting quite good my friend!

  2. I really like your pictures here, especially the one from the window of the cabin, the sunset and the lone tree.

  3. Karl says:

    Isn't this stuff just matter? Isn't it all just apart of nature, why do these pictures instill any feelings in you?

    Feelings about the stuff you took pictures of certainly aren't very scientific now are they.

    I do appreciate a good camera and the proper settings for the desired effects as well.

  4. Cynthia Jay says:

    AWAY is always a desirable option, no strains, no expectations except from oneself, above all no stuff, at least no stuff of one's own wanting to be mended, sorted, serviced. The shells and pebbles require no action on your part, the tides do their thing without your taking a course in oceanography. I think that the suspended state of mind sitting on the beach as the waves break comes from the rhythmic sounds which perhaps mimic what we once heard in the womb.

    And beauty has a therapy beyond words.

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