America: #1 in Bibles. #37 in Infant Mortality

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This Chris Kelly headline says it all:

America: #1 in Bibles. #37 in Infant Mortality.

Here’s an excerpt from Kelly’s Huffpo article:

Europeans are feeling pretty smug lately, with their sturdy currency, “health care,” and rising rates of life expectancy, but there’s one area where we kick their ass: American Christians read the bible a lot more often than European Christians do.

Here are a few interesting tidbits about the Bible (these are some of my previous Bible-relevant posts from Dangerous Intersection):

Reading violent Bible stories can make you more violent.

If you’re a Bible literalist who’s going to read the Bible, don’t cherry-pick. Make sure you read these parts too.

The Bible is not really inerrant.

Adam might have had a belly button.

You can love going to church, even if you’re an atheist.

The New Testament says some bizarre things about morality (in addition to saying some very good things).

And finally (as Kelly suggests), most Americans who claim to read the Bible are liars.

I’ll end on a bleak note, because I’ve made the mistake of paying too much attention to the “news” today: The intellectual deterioration of the United States is about to his critical mass (or has it already?).


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