World class pranksters at large

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For a world-class prank, check this out:

The group is called “Improv Everywhere: We cause scenes.” This group obviously has a lot of fun, yet takes their work seriously. Check out its website — the right column lists the group’s other “missions” (they indicate that they’ve had about 70 missions so far).

The other missions include “Suicide Jumper”, synchronized swimming and “No Pants 2K8” (On Saturday January 12th, 2008 nearly 2,000 people took off their pants on subways in 10 cities around the world).

For the other missions by Improv Everywhere, check the Mission Highlights here.


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  1. Skblllzzzz says:

    Yeah, they are brilliant :-).

  2. Vicki Baker says:

    How funny, I watched this earlier today. Better than the Super Bowl!

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