Haldane’s four stages of acceptance

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Whether the topic is Iraq, religion, discrimination, or even the scientific theory of evolution, you can likely find a use for John B. S. Haldane’s description of the four stages of acceptance of ideas:

      i)    this is worthless nonsense;
      ii)   this is an interesting, but perverse, point of view;
      iii)  this is true, but quite unimportant;
      iv)   I always said so.

 From John B.S. Haldane, Journal of Genetics, #58, 1963, p.464.


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  1. Ben says:

    I have always said so, until now, because while it might be true, it is no longer important, and is to me, just a perversely interesting idea, which under closer scrutiny, is of course, worthless nonsense.

  2. Claude Horvath says:

    Has noöne remarked on Gandhi's very similar remark?

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