Would you climb into a pothole so I don’t step into it?

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I didn’t think so. It’s a lot to ask of another human being.  Then again, if we were “lowly” army ants, we would readily serve as pothole plugs for each other.  According to Dr. Scott Powell:

Broadly, our research demonstrates that a simple but highly specialised behaviour performed by a minority of ant workers can improve the performance of the majority, resulting in a clear benefit for the society as a whole.



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  1. Ben says:

    I think this would be akin to one of us offering to be the base of the pyramid of cheerleaders. Okay no, not that, remove mental image. Maybe it is more like immigrants coming to America, offering their blood and soul in order to scrub our trashcans? Ya that's the ticket. You see heroes everyday, they don't speak english but they replace the carpets in your office building as you leave to spend time with your family. Okay, tangent.

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