Spoof ads, anyone?

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Madison Avenue is so clever these days that most commercials are, to some extent, fun to watch.

Adbusters.org is working hard to top Madison Avenue, though, with its own spoof commercials.  Some of these are quite well done.

                          Benetton ad.JPG

You’ll find more of Adbuster’s spoof ads here. 

Here’s what Adbusters is about, based on its “About” page

Adbusters offers incisive philosophical articles as well as activist commentary from around the world addressing issues ranging from genetically modified foods to media concentration. In addition, our annual social marketing campaigns like Buy Nothing Day and TV Turnoff Week have made us an important activist networking group.

Ultimately, though, Adbusters is an ecological magazine, dedicated to examining the relationship between human beings and their physical and mental environment. We want a world in which the economy and ecology resonate in balance. We try to coax people from spectator to participant in this quest. We want folks to get mad about corporate disinformation, injustices in the global economy, and any industry that pollutes our physical or mental commons.


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