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I was out at a city park today to play some racquetball.  While taking a break, I noticed four guys playing handball nearby.  They were playing a hard-fought game. 

 handball smokers.JPG

But wait a minute!  What is that tobacco-y smell?  Why, it’s tobacco!  Two of the handball players were smoking cigarettes (the coffin nails were actually in their mouths) while they were in the process of playing the grueling game! 

   handball smoker A.JPG           handball smoker B.JPG

This certainly gives a new meaning to smoking on the court.  Or is this a new form of handicapping one of the teams?  Whatever . . . I thought it deserved a photo and some sort of award.


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  1. gatomjp says:

    Amazing! I see people catching their last smoke before going into the gym all the time! I don't get it!

    And then there was the heavy guy lazily working out on the rowing machine eating a Philly soft pretzel! I wanted to tell him, "Dude! You're not even breaking even, calorie-wise!!"

    The best one was the woman I saw fighting for a parking spot in the crowded lot outside the gym that I belong to. She was yelling and cursing because someone else had slipped into the spot before she could. She gave him the finger and had to park her car about another ten yards or so from the entrance. Grumbling and cursing the entire way into the gym, she then got on the treadmill and walked for half an hour!

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