The Onion: Noam Chomsky is going to simply try to enjoy the day

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Here’s the story by the Onion. Here’s an excerpt:

LEXINGTON, MA—Describing himself as “terribly exhausted,” famed linguist and political dissident Noam Chomsky said Monday that he was taking a break from combating the hegemony of the American imperialist machine to try and take it easy for once.

I found this Onion story especially funny, given that I’ve been accused of not knowing how to lay back and just have fun. A couple years ago, a very close friend, a man who is like a brother to me, told me, “Erich, you need to have fun more often.” It’s weird to hear such things, because it always seems so normal inside of my own head. The way I think is what I enjoy doing. That’s the context for why I enjoyed this Onion story so much.


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