Urbex favorite church collapses – the joy and sorrow of urban exploration

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I’ve come to enjoy urban exploration over the past year. Today I learned that a favorite urban exploration spot in St. Louis, the Bethlehem Lutheran Church in north St. Louis, has completely collapsed. That is the first photo of this group, which I took back in August 2013.

IMG_4975 Bethlehem Church

It’s so very sad to hear that a beautiful structure has imploded, even if the economic reality pointed in that direction. It was obvious that this was going to happen, but I was hoping to photograph it again before that happened. I learned about the death of Bethlehem from a friend who lives and breathes urbex. This afternoon we explored an old factory in southeast Missouri (St. Joe’s-Part of Missouri Mines Park area). That is where the remainder of these photos were taken.

IMG_6179_80_81_fused St Joes lead HDR

IMG_6158_59_60_fused St Joes lead HDR



IMG_6246_7_8_tonemapped St Joes lead HDR

evv st. joes II

IMG_6233_4_5_fused St Joes lead HDR

IMG_6206_7_8_fused St Joes lead HDR




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