10 facts about dairy milk

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We are hit with so much propaganda about the “need” to drink cow milk that many Americans uncritically believe it. To follow up on an article I once wrote about all the dairy hype (“The Land of Milk and Money“), I offer this more recent article listing “10 Fascinating Facts About Cow Milk.”

And yes, most of the world’s adults are lactose intolerant. It is not even possible for them to drank milk. We milk-drinkers are the unusual ones. Actually, I’m mostly there. I put soy milk on my cereal, but I still do enjoy ice cream. But I don’t consume milk products for the calcium. I know that there are other ways to get calcium.


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  1. Tony Mach says:

    While I am for health reasons rather critical of the consumption of cow milk (and dairy) by humans, I have to say:

    a) That is an vegan/green hit piece playing more with emotions than sticking with facts.


    b) Soy milk is an evolutionary novel food, and as such has the potential to be as bad for your health as cow milk.

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