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I’m reading Evan Sharboneau’s new Ebook on “Trick Photography” and having a blast trying out some of his hundreds of ideas for having fun with your DSLR (he stresses that it’s not important to have anything more than an entry level DSLR). Many of his suggestions don’t require any version of Photoshop (for instance, “light painting”). Other tricks he offers (like layer masks–see the attached photos I took today) use Photoshop, but they most don’t require anything more than the $70 version –Photoshop Elements. Pretty cool stuff. Evan is an excellent teacher–he looks like he’s only in his 20’s, but he is bursting with creative ideas. Check out “PhotoExtremist” on YouTube for many of his ideas. Here’s his site if you’re interested his Ebook.

banana floating-Final

Multiple erich on porch layer masks lo res


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