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I am currently fuming at FedEx because UPS couldn’t deliver a package because they couldn’t locate my post office because USPS had to consolidate because congress put a burden on the post office that any other corporation could have sued to get out from under had they tried to inflict it on them. I explain why FedEx in Who is Killing the Post Office?

Current frustrating details: I ordered a new scanner from TigerDirect a few days ago. Today I wondered why it hadn’t been delivered. They usually have things at my door within a couple of days. So I tracked it online, and found the UPS reported that the recipient had moved and left no forwarding address.

Me, moved? I haven’t moved in 21 years, and regularly get deliveries from this company.

So I called TigerDee. They only knew what I knew from the online tracking.

I called UPS. Several tries at hacking my way through their labyrinthine voice mail system and I finally reached a person who could inform me that UPS now uses USPS for local residential deliveries. But as of this month, my local zip code office apparently no longer handles our zip code. And UPS couldn’t figure out where to send the package. So they returned it! Because UPS couldn’t locate the post office!


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  1. Pete Vander Meulen says:

    UPS can locate USPS anywhere because they use GPS and satellites to map everything. Their approach is purposeful BS, with the intent of making residents feel like they are SOL.

    Once this mind-game succeeds with residential customers, the cascading effect continues, with revenue funneled away from the fifty cent delivery company to the multiple dollar delivery companies. It will seem like benign neglect wrought on us by Congress yet the strategists at the package freight companies have it within their (lobbying) power to make this their active approach to shareholder value over the next few years.

    PS: I know that several of the main contributors on this site are attornies. Can anyone recommend a reputable patent attorney? I have what I believe is a process (utility) patent approach that I am sure will be able to turn the post office into a profitable organization. I am hesitant to state it ANYWHERE because the barrier to entry is relatively low so until I have my paperwork in order, I cannot deliver what I consider a game-changer. Any recommendations are appreciated.

  2. Dan Klarmann says:

    Today my wife was about to place an order with another company and I suggested that she call the local UPS center (that is slightly farther from our house than is our now-closed post office) and find out whether they would be able to deliver it.

    After a while on the phone, she got an answer of sorts: Tell the sender to specify “Standard ground service” as opposed to “Basic Service”. Naturally there is no such option on their web site. Nor did the phone order taker understand the distinction.
    Fortunately that company also offers direct USPS service for the same price.
    One just has to know to ask for genuine postal service instead of the default brown truck.

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