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Until last week, I was using Final Cut Express 4 on my iMac. It took me quite a bit of time to get familiar with the many features of Final Cut Express–I struggled so much to remember how to access the many features that I created a single-spaced four-page cheat sheet. Then, just when I finally got comfortable with Final Cut Express, Apple released a new ground-up version of Final Cut Pro (version X). It has major improvements compared to FCE, including background rendering, re-design of the work areas, ability to tag and categorize clips and much more. The previous version of Final Cut Pro sold for $800, whereas the brand new Final Cut Pro X sells for only $300.

I hesitated to buy the new version, despite the many improvements, because I didn’t want to spend a lot of time training up on a new video  program (as I did when I ditched Adobe Premier Elements (on my PC) in order to move to Final Cut Express on an iMac). Nonetheless, I took the plunge last week, downloading FCP X from the online Apple Store (the only way to buy it). One factor in upgrading was the recommendation of Izzy Hyman, who offers first-rate video instruction at his membership-based site. In fact, Izzy now offers 25 free lessons on Final Cut Pro X at his site (Note: I’ve written about Izzy once before.).  His lessons cover each of the following topics, and each lesson includes high-quality screencasts:

Getting Started
Overview of the Interface
Keywords and Ratings
Different Kinds of Edits
Overwrite Editing
Using Markers
Clip Appearance
The Precision Editor
Transition Details
Built-In Video Effects
Clip Effects
Compound Clips
Retiming Clips for slow motion and fast motion
Clip analysis for stabilization and color balance
Color Correction, Video Scopes, Color Boards, and Color Match
Importing from a Video Camera
Sharing and exporting your video project
Managing Your Media and Projects

You can’t get a better value that this, because it’s free and you’ll quickly learn many of the basic and advanced features of FCPX  in this set of tutorials. If you’d like to download all of this training, Izzy offers this option for $37. If you want to access Izzy’s entire library of training videos regarding many aspects of video shooting and editing (not just Final Cut), visit his site and consider purchasing a membership. I did this about six months ago, and I am continually impressed with Izzy’s ability to effectively teach–he certainly works hard at keeping the lessons focused and understandable.

Final Cut Pro X has come under intense criticism by many high-end video editors because it lacks some features that they have been using on previous versions of Final Cut Pro. Apple plans to bring in some of those features in future version of FCP. I don’t plan on using many of those features about which I’m hearing complaints, except for two-camera capability, and Apple has promised this feature in the near future.

Many people have complained that FCPX is basically an enhanced version of iMovie. I’m familiar with the limited capabilities of iMovie, and I must strongly disagree. FCPX looks simple but it runs deep. If you’re interested in an incredible value in video software and training, consider this combination of FCPX and Izzy Video.

[Note:  I have not received any merchandise or anything of value from either Apple or Izzy (other than the fact that I bought a membership at Izzy’s website) — I’m publishing this recommendation because I believe in this software and training because I have successfully used them myself.]


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  1. Thanks for the tip! I am looking for a course on video techniques. My school uses FCP7 at the moment and I am supposed to do some support. FCPX will no doubt replace FCP7 in the near future here (if Apple delivers on its promise to add the pro editors stuff). So this looks very promising.

  2. Thanks for this! As someone who now uses FCE4 about 10 hours a day I am not looking forward to making the switch to X and having to re-learn everything that I now do without thinking.

    • Erich Vieth says:

      Mike: You’ll love the background rendering, and that’s only one of at least 10 major feature updates that you’ll embrace with FCPX. Izzy’s tutorial contains 2 1/2 hours of excellent hands-on advice. It’s painless and enjoyable.

  3. Dan Klarmann says:

    I also recently upgraded my video editor. And this is what it lead to:
    Sometimes “Some Assembly Required” is Scary.

  4. Izzy Video says:


    Thanks for the kind words! Much appreciated. 🙂

    I’m glad you found the tutorial helpful…

    All the best,


    • Erich Vieth says:

      Izzy: I hope that people stop by your site to take a look at your free lessons. In my opinion, you are a gifted teacher. You cover an immense amount of ground in FCPX in 25 short tutorials.

  5. Erich Vieth says:

    Final Cut Pro X has a glitch that I have apparently discovered. I actually might be the first to have reported this problem. The trainer at the Apple store (Saturday) and an Apple rep on the phone today confirmed that keyframes don’t work regarding many aspects of title text. For instance, you can’t set keyframes to increase the size of title text and you can’t keyframe text tracking. I had struggled for several hours with this and kept thinking that I was doing something wrong, because I couldn’t find any similar complaints on Google or Apple forums. Therfore, if any of you are having problems getting keyframes to work with Final Cut Pro X regarding title text, I have made the complaint and I have been told that this is a serious issue that will be quickly brought to the attention of Apple’s software engineers.

  6. Amy says:

    So glad to read this post. I have completed several tutorials–, Izzy, etc.–and could not get my text to increase in size using keyframes. There are so many effects that can be achieved that I felt I was missing something super, super simple. Here’s to hoping the update will not be long in coming!

    • Erich Vieth says:

      Amy: I had the same thought process. I kept assuming that I was missing something simple, and I probably spent 5 hours on this issue before I got my answer from Apple that there is a glitch with text keyframes.

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