Businesses craving certainty

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American businesses complain that they are not in a position to invest in employees given the current climate of uncertainty. Glenn Greenwald explains that they have had decades of certainty:

Businesses have had at least 25 to 30 years near complete certainty — certainty that they will pay lower and lower taxes, that they’ will face less and less regulation, that they can outsource to their hearts’ content (which when it does produce savings, comes at a loss of control, increased business system rigidity, and loss of critical know how). They have also been certain that unions will be weak to powerless, that states and municipalities will give them huge subsidies to relocate, that boards of directors will put top executives on the up escalator for more and more compensation because director pay benefits from this cozy collusion, that the financial markets will always look to short term earnings no matter how dodgy the accounting, that the accounting firms will provide plenty of cover, that the SEC will never investigate anything more serious than insider trading (Enron being the exception that proved the rule).


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  1. Tim Hogan says:

    “Uncertainty” is a shibboleth of extreme and radical far right Republicans to allow their latest and greatest effort for ANOTHER round of corporate tax cuts and giveaways to “job creators” a/k/a millionaires. The “uncertainty” that seniors, the disabled, poor, pregnant women, unborn, infants, widows and orphans face in light of the rights hatred of Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security matters naught to Republicans who worhip at the altars of their corporate and millionaire masters.

  2. Karl says:

    The same can be said of any governmental pawns that are controlled by any special interests be they individuals or collectives, don’t just blame the Rebublicans, although many of them are just as easily bought lock stock and barrel as well as democrats, only independents are some what free from the corruption of huge money from election cycle to election cycle.

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