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Recently, it occurred to me that we should have a mobile version of Dangerous Intersection, but I learned that the plugins allowing mobile versions required upgrading my WordPress Platform version.   My past two attempts to upgrade to 2.9x hadn’t gone well (I twice tried and twice reverted to version 2.7 over the past few months).   This week’s upgrade to 3.0 worked without any snags, however.   I truly love the WordPress system and the fact that it’s open-source software.

To take full advantage of the 3.0 features, I also decided to upgrade the design of this website, making use of Solostream’s  newest WordPress design theme, called “Prosper.”    BTW, I’m extremely happy with Solostream’s products, forums and customer service.  In case you’re wondering, this single use version of “Prosper” cost $79, which I consider a great price, given the loads of feature options, most of which require no knowledge of html.  There’s no way I could have afforded a custom design this sophisticated.

Coming soon, I hope, will be a mobile version of Dangerous Intersection.  Until I started using an iPhone (my workplace offered them to employees this year), it didn’t occur to me that I would actually spend significant amounts of time reading from a mobile device, especially while waiting in lines or riding mass transit.  Well, that’s how the world is moving, it seems.

I hope you enjoy the new design of DI, which I worked to make more “open” than my previous designs. You’ll notice that it is a two-column site now (more or less).  I also took the liberty of reworking the title artwork and moving in some new navigation features.  For instance, if you search categories or key words, the results will now show up in three columns, making it easier to scan your results.   I’m still making quite a few tweaks, and some of the previously existing features are not yet back in.  Thus, you are looking at a design-work-in-progress to go along with the contemplative-work-in-progress.    If this website continues to be successful, that is how it should be—one of our main goals should always be to avoid ossification.  That is essentially what philosopher Bertrand Russell once told someone who had accused him of having changed his mind on a topic.   Russell pointed out that the option to changing is stagnating.

Update: We now seem to have the mobile version of Dangerous Intersection working. I’ve been testing it on an iPhone, while Josh Timmons, who aptly hosts the site and provides technical consultations, indicates that DI also looks good on Android.



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Erich Vieth is an attorney focusing on consumer law litigation and appellate practice. He is also a working musician and a writer, having founded Dangerous Intersection in 2006. Erich lives in the Shaw Neighborhood of St. Louis, Missouri, where he lives half-time with his two extraordinary daughters.

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  1. Danny says:

    Hey Erich,

    Was happy to re-visit your blog today. I was quite an avid reader for a while then family and work choked in on reading time, but I'm back and hope to re-enter the great discussion-oriented posts you all provide. Glad the WP upgrade went well, currently battling that on my own site/blog.



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