Most media outlooks ignore the real story regarding Afghanistan

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In light of Rolling Stone’s incredibly revealing article on the muddled and chaotic U.S. policy regarding Afghanistan, most media outlooks are focusing the demotion of General Stanley McChrystal but ignoring the real issue regarding Afghanistan. Joshua Holland of Alternet explains:

[T]he story by Rolling Stone reporter Matt Hastings also reveals just how narrow the discourse about our Afghanistan adventure really is. Because while we’ll be treated to tens of thousands of column inches and hours of cable news blather about McChrystal’s “insubordination,” or whether Obama looks “tough enough” in handling the situation, the most important part of Hastings’ article is largely being ignored by the corporate media.

Hastings told a tale of a project with no hope for success. His story shows us that the U.S. presence in Afghanistan is all about tactics dressed up as a strategy. It’s a profile of a military establishment running on inertia — unable to withdraw because withdrawing is an admission of defeat, but also unable to accomplish the wholly unrealistic tasks put before it.

Andrew Sullivan is another writer who is not getting distracted by false issues.

One suspects there is simply no stopping this war machine, just as there is no stopping the entitlement and spending machine. Perhaps McChrystal would have tried to wind things up by next year – but his frustration was clearly fueled by the growing recognition that he could not do so unless he surrendered much of the country to the Taliban again. So now we have the real kool-aid drinker, Petraeus, who will refuse to concede the impossibility of success in Afghanistan just as he still retains the absurd notion that the surge in Iraq somehow worked in reconciling the sectarian divides that still prevent Iraq from having a working government. I find this doubling down in Afghanistan as Iraq itself threatens to spiral out of control the kind of reasoning that only Washington can approve of.

In this earlier post, I wanted to know what we are getting for a billion dollars every 3 days. Where’s the good news from our two long wars? We still haven’t even heard any benchmark for success, either in Afghanistan or Iraq. These wars, which usually are all but invisible in the American media, are financially and morally bankruptcy our country.


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  1. Erich Vieth says:

    How did Rolling Stone reporter Michael Hastings get such access to General McChrystal and his staff? See this interview of Hastings:

  2. Erich Vieth says:

    We, ourselves, bear responsibility to examine disturbing patterns of misinformation regarding U.S./NATO attacks against Afghan civilians. In each of eleven incidents since April 9th, 2009, U.S. forces killed innocent civilians, then engaged in a cover-up, insisting that they had killed insurgents, and eventually acknowledged having killed civilians. Generally, U.S./NATO officials issued an apology.

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