To the woman who answered the phone at Senator Kit Bond’s office today

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Today I saw this post at Huffington, indicating that Kit Bond is not a “yes” for any proposal to audit the Federal Reserve.  I believe that the secret workings of the Fed need to be exposed.  Where did all of the TARP money go?  Who knows?  Let’s find out.

I called the Washington DC Office of U.S. Senator Kit Bond [phone number: (202) 224-5721] to determine Bond’s position. A woman answered the phone.  “May I help you?”

“Yes, I’d like to know Kit Bond’s position on the current proposals to audit the Fed.  I read in the Huffington Post that he has expressed support to audit the Fed.”

“Oh, well THAT ought to tell you something.  What a ridiculous website . . .”

“Hold on . . . That’s a huge website with legitimate news.   What is Kit Bond’s position?”

“He’s in favor of auditing the Fed.”

“I don’t see his position in writing anywhere.  It’s not on his website.  How do I know that he’s in favor of auditing the Fed.  It’s a huge secret society needs to be examined closely because it controls national monetary policy without any accountability.”

“I’m with you on that.”

“I need to know Kit Bond’s Position and I’d like to see it in writing.”

“I will relay that.”

[end of call]

Note:  I’ve shortened the call a bit, but this was the substance of the conversation.  My bet?  She wrote nothing down at all, and that Bond is against an audit of the Fed.  We’ll see . . .

BTW, you will rarely see such vapid platitudes of policy as you will see on Bond’s website.  It really makes you wonder whether Bond knows much of anything about the real world.   It’s also clear that Bond has never seen a war that he’s against. Thank goodness he’s retiring soon.



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