Unordinary wedding photography

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I’ve seen a lot of ordinary wedding photography, much of it from high-priced photographers. So have you.

Image by Jon Abrahams (with permission)

Image by Jon Abrahams (with permission)

While riding in a plane from St. Louis to Los Angeles two weeks ago, I found myself sitting next to a man named Jon Abrahams.  After a bit of conversation, he mentioned that he photographed weddings.   I thought I knew what to expect.  A few seconds later, after he showed me some of his images on his iPhone, I was a believer. I rarely find myself fully engaged when looking at wedding photos, even when the subjects are people I know, and especially when viewing the photos on a tiny screen. Jon’s photos were unusual, however. He works the genre harder and more elegantly than most wedding photographers, in order to get artistic shots that nonetheless capture the mood.

Jon, who often flies hundreds or thousands of miles to shoot weddings, kindly gave me permission to print the images you see at this post. His website offers a slideshow featuring many additional images. I hope you enjoy these images (including “The Last Supper” photo, below) as much as I did.


Image by Jon Abrahams (with Permission)


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  1. bard says:

    As a wedding photographer myself it is a challenge to remain creative, especially with time and poor lighting constraints – but there's always something original or interesting about each wedding – it's a matter of identifying it and capturing it.

  2. Anastassia says:

    Sorry, nothing unordinary about his photos – check Justin DeMers, Sean Flanigan, Still Motion if you wnat truly extrordinary photography!

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