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A friend forwarded this from The Onion. Thought DI readers would appreciate the findings, including this:

Image: public domain

Image: public domain

Members of the earth’s earliest known civilization, the Sumerians, looked on in shock and confusion some 6,000 years ago as God, the Lord Almighty, created Heaven and Earth.

According to recently excavated clay tablets inscribed with cuneiform script, thousands of Sumerians—the first humans to establish systems of writing, agriculture, and government—were working on their sophisticated irrigation systems when the Father of All Creation reached down from the ether and blew the divine spirit of life into their thriving civilization.


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  1. Erich Vieth says:

    I hope that when God created the universe He didn't accidentally damage the Norway Spruce which was already more than 3,000 years old at the time.

  2. Erich Vieth says:

    And when God "created the world," those Sumerians could celebrate by drinking a beer, because records show that they had already learned to brew it. So had the Chinese, several thousand years earlier.

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