Maddow and Olbermann counter-attack the elites opposing health care reform

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Who are those “average citizens” disrupting town hall meetings on health care reform? Rachel Maddow exposes them and the people who finance them:

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Who are the people and organization who are actively buying our elected representatives on the issue of health care reform? A visibly angrier than usual Keith Olberman calls them out, specifying the names and the obscene payments of cash:


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  1. Bob Smith says:


    I would like for you to turn me into the white house

    for opposing current healthcare reform.

  2. Bob,

    So, you don't want any reform at all? You like everything the way it is?

  3. Niklaus Pfirsig says:

    Bob. The problem is that this politically contrived manipulation of a vocal manority of opposition to health care reform.

    I say vocal minority because in any group, the percentage of those willing to speak out in this manner are a small part of the entire group. Likewise the vocal pro reformer are a minority of the overall pro-reform side.

    Under normal circumstances, the vocal minority would be statistically representative of those holding the same point of view, and a true grass-roots movement would be representative of the constituentancy. Lobbying groups, however, have years of experience and motovational research that they apply in a manner to distort the natural process. They are paid to insure unequal representation favoring the interests of those who pay them.

    One well established technique used by lobbyists involves identifying the vocal minority, endoctrinating them half truths and outright lies, aiding and encouraging them to make their voices heard more often than their opposition. This can be done through mass mailings which misrepresent the issues and in recent years it includes the tactic of bussing groups of people, some of them paid by the lobbyists to represent the interests of their clients, so that the same group of bussed people show up at different meetings and rallies to harrass the legislators and to censor the opinion of everyone else that attends. This also adds to the illusion that they are a majority.

    If you think even for amoment this is the right to do things, please consider:

    The multimillionaires pay little in the way of taxes, because they donate money to various charitable funds which actually funnel 90 percent or more to the "policy study" organizations representing lobbyists groups. A small amount of the donated money actually does help fund legitimate charitable organizations. So money that could be going to pay off the national debt is instead, being paid to organizations that con people into interfering with the legislative process to insure that the multimillionaires can get more money without earning it, while paying no taxes and addin the members of the middle class to the ranks of the poor.

    They don't care about someone who works hard and sees 10 to 20 percent of their paycheck gobbled up by insurance premiums for policies with deductables amounting to more than most will use in a year, or tied to HMOs that have incentives to not provide health care. And if you develop a chronic illness, they find ways to drop you coverage and that $100,000 to $350,000 you have paid in over the years gets divided up among the major stockholders as bonuses.

    This is a really sweet deal if you are an ExO (Executive Officer) in an insurance company. A sweet deal that is financed by the corporate resource called customers. A sweet deal that is threatened by the government option. A sweet deal the ExOs will do ANYTHING to keep.

    The insurance industry (I hate to call it an industry because they are not industrious, but have become leaches on the economy) fails to reveal several facts. For one thing, If you are a wage earner, look at your paystub at the insurance premium deducted from your check and calculate what percent of your gross pay it accounts for. If you are a businessman, look at you payroll ledger and see how much your business is paying to insure your employees. Then think about the insurance company ExO with his multiple multi-million dollar homes and multi-million dollar "compensation package" as rewards for denying healthcare to people. And think about those insurance people, with their private jets, and private islands paying to subvert our legislative sysem to garantee the status quo.

  4. Derpper says:

    I don't think either side understands. Real simple, look at the way the attack those who don't want Obama care. It only takes reading the bill to see that this is an attack on the private sector.

    One side want's your money, the other wants you rights. One side want's the poor to disappear, the other wants people to be able to take what you earned.

    Both sides are wrong and lead by undeniable idiots and elitists. You people wont wake up though, you are petty and lost. You don't know the first thing about social reform, yet you will try to impose it on the world.

    Reason always looses to emotion, which is why they use emotion to push their agendas, a lost society will remain lost until it eventually destroys itself. Have fun with your lost society.

    Socialists take away your right to live well and Capitalists take away your right to live well by taking away the means to do anything. Both are class based and use elitism as a way to bolster their ranks. You people are the ones who pay for their decisions and you quite literally pay for their empires. They have all the rights and you only have a right to shush up and live under them. Two sides of the same coin.


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