Jim Cramer, exposed

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Jon Stewart is at his journalistic best here.¬†This was filmed in March 2009, though I hadn’t seen it until today.¬† Jim Cramer desperately tries to spin himself out of Stewart’s devastating indictment. Truly worth watching:

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Erich Vieth is an attorney focusing on consumer law litigation and appellate practice. He is also a working musician and a writer, having founded Dangerous Intersection in 2006. Erich lives in the Shaw Neighborhood of St. Louis, Missouri, where he lives half-time with his two extraordinary daughters.

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  1. It's a beautiful thing! Cramer doesn't have a leg to stand on. Stewart is relentless.

  2. Tony Coyle says:

    And yet within just a few short days Cramer was back peddlin' his own brand of snake-oil.

    Stewart is a phenomenal interviewer. Evisceration of pomposity seems to come so easily to him. One would hope that MSM interviewers were half as good! (One of the most egregious – Bob Schieffer's 'interview' of Cheney last week on Face the Nation– not a single egregious comment was challenged, and there were many, Video at cbs.com)

  3. Danny says:

    Stewart is the master at dismantling phonies and hypocrites. I've linked some classic clips of Stewart eviscerating those who deserve their comeuppance.

    Stewart on Crossfire

    Stewart with Chris Matthews

  4. Did you see Cramer's interview in Time mag. this week where he vows Stewart will pay?

    A more interesting question, that I ask on my blog, is whether Cramer's flagship company TheStreet.com (TSCM) would have a higher market value if he simply left? If you have an opinion on this please take my poll. thanks.

    • Erich Vieth says:

      Here's the link to the Time interview. Here's the money quote:

      I think CNBC's done a remarkable job, and I think the attack on CNBC and the attacks on me were gravely misplaced. It was rather remarkable in that it was so clear that his goal was to just destroy me. One day he'll answer for it.

  5. Erich Vieth says:

    If you were following the Jim Cramer/Jon Stewart confrontation awhile back, This Daily Show piece will be well worth your while: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2009/07/15/daily-sh

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