Republicans as clowns

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Matt Tabbi of Rolling Stone is one of my favorite political writers.  Once again, he’s on the money with this week’s article (entitled “The Class Clowns“), when he points out the buffoonery of the Republicans during the Obama era.  Truly, do these guys have any clue as to how they would begin to address any of the major issues facing us?

Image by kb35 at Flickr (creative commons)

Image by kb35 at Flickr (creative commons)

Following the Republican Party of late has been a movingly depressing experience, sort of like watching Old Yeller die — if Old Yeller were a worm-infested feral bitch who spent the past eight years biting children at bus stops and shitting in neighborhood swimming pools. As a useful force in American politics, the Republicans have been dead for a while now. But in the seven months since Sarah Palin’s nomination, they have taken on an intriguing new role: providing much-needed comic relief during dark times, serving as the unofficial rodeo clowns of the Financial Crisis Era.


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  1. Erich Vieth says:

    Bill Maher has assembled a list of the top concerns of modern day Republicans. How incredibly sad and true.

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