Republicans Are Crap Weasels

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Republicans Are Crap Weasels and Even If You Tell Them, It Won’t Change Anything!

Lo, and behold, the lowly crap weasel! This creature is of indeterminate numbers, and stinks to high heaven because of its singularly smelly style of smearing itself with its own squishy fecal matter.

Such is the current Republican Party in America. No one can know how many Republicans there are in America as the numbers dwindle as they cover themselves with banners supporting Wall Street (not Main Street), torture, more tax breaks for the rich, Oil Companies and their other corporate masters, and vote with near unanimity against every attempt by President Obama and the Democratic Party to right the economy, fight our enemies (not US citizens’ rights) and restore integrity to our foreign policy.

Curiously, the Urban Dictionary definition of “crap weasel” also applies to the GOP;

“Any worthless individual [sic] who tries to steal credit for someone else’s work; also someone who tries to pass blame on others.”

I mean, who can forget that only three GOP members voted for the stimulus plan.

And, the three GOP Senate members who voted for the plan will likely now have far right primary opposition in their upcoming elections.

Thank you Senators Specter, Collins and Snowe! BUT, all the rest of the GOP crap weasels in the US House and Senate are completely willing to try to take credit for the results of the package!  And see here and here.

While the economic stimulus legislation passed the US House without a single GOP vote, and only three in the US Senate, the GOP and its masters placed the blame on the need for any stimulus on the Democrats, and attempted to smear their stinking offal on the efforts of President Obama., Speaker Pelosi, and Senate Majority Leader Reid to do anything other than cut taxes.

Breaking news! Consider, also, that the GOP is holding up the appointment of the 15 top health care appointment in the Obama Administration during a potentially serious swine flu outbreak.

So, now we see that the GOP is truly an association of crap weasels. But, will our illustration do anything to restore the GOP to some semblance of a real political party? I say; “NO!” Think about it. If all you have is the Penguinesque snarkiness of a war criminal like Dick Cheney and Rush Limbaugh’s misogynistic yammering to tout torture as good and in keeping with mainstream American values, you’ve got problems. The only person who might have had a scintilla of credibility to stave of the continued self-destruction of the GOP would be Senator John McCain, V.1 circa 2000, not the V.2 circa 2008 release who voted to allow the CIA to torture (which obviously it did!) and sold his soul for the GOP Presidential nomination.

Since all there is for the GOP is the continued drumming from the farthest right wing elements of the GOP which fight to stave off prosecution for war crimes, there cannot be leadership in that GOP. Leadership is something which I believe is proven by constant deeds and virtues; I see none in the contemporary GOP. The Democratic Party which I support will benefit in the short term but, I worry that we as Americans may be worse off for it.


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imothy E. Hogan is a trial attorney, a husband, a father of two awesome children and a practicing Roman Catholic in St. Louis, Missouri. Mr. Hogan has done legal and political work in Jefferson City, Missouri for partisan and non-partisan social change, environmental and consumer protection groups. Mr. Hogan has also worked for consumer advocate Ralph Nader in Washington, DC and the members of the trial bar in the State of New York. Mr. Hogan’s current interests involve remaining a full time solo practitioner pioneer on the frontiers of justice in America, a good husband and a good father to his awesome children.

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  1. Tim Hogan says:

    Hey the House GOP crap weasel count is up to 67!

  2. Tina Tate says:

    Awesome article! So sick of these folks and their flip-flopping crap!

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