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I just learned that there is a site called Patients Like Me, where people fighting diseases can share symptoms and treatment experiences.   This is another wonderful benefit of being able to network using the Internet.   It might even be a life-saver.   Here’s how the site describes itself:

Whether you’re depressed, bipolar, anxious, obsessive-compulsive, or simply want to monitor your mood fluctuations, this is the online community for you. By sharing your symptoms, treatments and mood charts, you can gain insight into what affects your mood while helping others learn from your experiences. Create a profile today to begin taking control of your health. Imagine knowing every medication, supplement, or device used to treat your disease. Imagine knowing what treatments work for people just like you — and having the ability to easily connect with those people. That’s what makes PatientsLikeMe different. Patients share their treatments and outcomes not just to help themselves, but to help others. Become part of making a difference for everyone with mood conditions today.

The site has special categories for neurological disorders, mood disorders and immune conditions.   It’s wonderful that patients can have information above and beyond their own health care providers–the opportunity to be a member of a larger community of like-minded people sharing ideas and encouragement.


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