How to spot religion in science clothing

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How can you easily spot religion in science clothing? According to New Scientist book review editor Amanda Gefter, look for these code words:

  1. Scientific Materialism
  2. The invocation of Cartesian dualism
  3. Misguided interpretations of quantum physics (also a “New Age” giveaway)
  4. The terms “Darwinism” or “Darwinist” (scientists refer to “evolution” and “biologists”)
  5. Referring to natural selection as “blind”, “random” or an “undirected process”

There’s also a censorship story within this story. Click the above link for more.


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  1. Dan Klarmann says:

    The correct link for the archived pulled article is here:

    I've seen the bad link reproduced on several different reporting sites. Why don't people test their links?

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