Birds of a feather

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In his earlier post, Erich pointed out the justifiable contempt we should all have for guys like McClellan & Powell, who repeatedly lied to the American people about the Iraq threat and helped lead our nation into an unnecessary and horribly costly invasion. However, I believe McClellan’s revelations expose a much deeper problem. McClellan was a fellow Texan and long-time friend of George Bush. We now know that he is a morally bankrupt liar. So here’s my question: how would a morally bankrupt liar like Scott McClellan remain such a good friend to George Bush if Bush were not also a morally bankrupt liar? Certainly we cannot always judge a person by the company he keeps, but when we see the long line of dishonest people coming out of Bush’s administration, we really should wonder how far into the Bush White House the moral bankruptcy reaches. Birds of a feather often do flock together. The takeaway: given all the corruption we know about in the Bush Administration, how many more things exist that we don’t (yet) know about?


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