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We have a nice brewery run by the Schlafly family in our town. A town already renowned for beer. But a relative by marriage is more famous than the beer because of her stance against women’s rights and against progress through knowledge. Yes, Phyllis Schlafly is in the local news with a new controversy. In brief, this Washington University Alumna has been offered an honorary degree, and the faculty is in an uproar.

Why? After all, my own commencement speaker (honoree of the year) at that institution was Bob Hope. He claimed to be the most degreed high school dropout in the world at that time. The link above goes to the article containing the full text of a scathing letter by the faculty about the choice of Schlafly, specifically from the Law School. The flap is because the faculty thinks that honoring an outspoken anti-intellectual with another degree would demean an institution of learning. At least Bob Hope says silly things on purpose.

Our own Erich had put a response up there, but I found the post it by browsing news involving Creationism, another educational priority of Ms. Schlafly. Quoth he:

The problem is that if Ms. Schlafly completely had her way, core values of true academics, including skepticism and tolerance, would be extinguished. Under those conditions, Washington University would cease to exist.


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  1. Dan Klarmann says:

    Phyllis Schlafly calls Wash. U. protesters 'a bunch of losers' reports the Belleville News Democrat.

    Schlafly said feminists are still angry with her for leading the successful fight against passage of the Equal Rights Amendment in the 1970s.

    There were 262 faculty signatories to the letter protesting her honorary degree, and a crowd of protesters with placards marched on the office of the chancellor.

    W.U. will proceed with bestowing the degree, as they had contracted to do.

  2. Dan Klarmann says:

    Students and faculty in attendance protest silently with armbands and turned backs as Schlafly gets third degree from Wash. U.

    Story from Saint Louis Post Dispatch

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