Alan Grayson still not apologizing

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Grayson is a fresh voice I enjoy hearing.

I especially agree with Grayson’s point that we need to do something about 120 needless deaths every day.  If 120 people died in a plane crash each day for a week, we’d take action and revamp the aviation system.   So why do we allow 120 people die each day due to lack of health insurance?

I’m not suggesting that I’m happy with the proposals that I’ve heard so far.  I don’t want a system that shovels lots of tax dollars to for-profit health insurance companies to insure a relatively small number of new people.  And I’m frustrated that we aren’t talking clearly in terms of how much reform would cost, who would pay it and how much coverage it would provide. We can’t afford heart transplants for everyone, right?  So what level of health coverage should we guarantee and how are we going to pay for it?  In plain English, please.  Without all of the backroom deals.  And not passed 12 hours after the public release of a 2,000 page bill loaded with special favors.  Let’s talk out in the open like adults.  Or is that not possible anymore?


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