How to tell if you are a “fundy”

| January 7, 2008 | 2 Replies

I caught this list of telltale signs over at De-conversion:  Resources for Skeptical, De-converting or Former Christians.  Here are a few items from the list:

  • You see nothing wrong with stating “facts” about what God thinks as if you are His personal secretary.
  • You complain about Christians not being allowed to practice their religion in foreign countries, yet when someone tries to set up a Hindu temple/Mosque/Pagan or new age bookshop in your town you go ballistic and think it shouldn’t be allowed.
  • Your typical prayer uses the phrase “Lord Jesus” or “Lord God” more times than the Bible.
  • God regularly opens up convenient parking spaces, JUST FOR YOU.
  • You think people who enjoy science fiction and fantasy, especially those who enjoy the Harry Potter novels, are going to be in hell.
  • You think that being tortured for all of eternity for any reason is an appropriate punishment.

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  1. Tim Hogan says:

    Acch! Damn…er…darn…I'm not a fundy! Guess I'm going to hell with all of you immoral, nihilist atheists! Ha! Ha! (in the manner of the kid on the Simpsons!).

  2. the chaplain says:

    Well, when I was still a Christian, God always helped me find my car keys in the morning. He always had a much harder time helping my husband find his glasses.

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