Pat Buchanan: A vote for Rudy Guliani is a vote for endless war

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I haven’t kept up with Pat Buchanan.   I noticed a column of Buchanan’s in a brand new publication of columnists called The Cagle Post (this is the same Cagle of Cagle’s Professional Cartoonist Index)

So what does Buchanan think about Guliani’s proposed team to lead the “war on terror”?

Team leader is Charles Hill, a co-signer of the Sept. 20, 2001, neocon ultimatum to Bush, nine days after 9-11, warning the president if he did not attack Iraq, his failure to do so “will constitute an early and perhaps decisive surrender to the war on international terrorism.”

Yet Iraq had nothing to do with 9-11.

A second member of Rudy’s team is Martin Kramer, an Israeli-American who, according to Ken Silverstein of Harper’s, “spent 25 years at Tel Aviv University and whose Middle East policy can best be summarized as, ‘What’s Best for Israel?'” Silverstein calls Rudy’s eight-man advisory group “AIPAC’s Dream Team” — AIPAC being the Israeli lobby, two of whose leaders go on trial in January for espionage against the United States

According to The New York Times, another key Rudy adviser is Daniel Pipes, “who has called for profiling Muslims at airports and scrutinizing American Muslims in law enforcement, the military and the diplomatic corps.” Another is AEI’s Michael Rubin, “who has written in favor of revoking the United States’ ban on assassinations.”

Best known of Rudy’s advisers is Norman Podhoretz, who wrote in June, “The Case for Bombing Iran” in Commentary, thinks we are in “World War IV” and writes that “as an American and as a Jew, I pray with all my heart” Bush will bomb Iran.

Buchanan concludes this piece by suggesting that “a vote for Rudy is a vote for endless war. And, as James Madison said, wars are the death of republics.”


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  1. Tim Hogan says:

    Please let's us not forget that while Hizzoner da mayor, Rudi was sued 18 times by the ACLU and lost 15 times!

    If you think Bush is a nightmare, you'll never see the light of day under Benito Ghouliani!

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