A sarcastic plug for more media consolidation

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Rick Kaempfer, a Chicago media critic, a 20-year radio veteran, “thanks” the FCC and media conglomerates for their roles in promoting media consolidation (a development that cost Rick his job).

What’s the problem with a few huge corporations owning and operating most of our media outlets? Consider this information from stopbigmedia.com:

Big Media companies get a sweet deal from the government. They get to use the public airwaves – for free – to make billions in profits. In exchange for this government handout, broadcasters are supposed to serve the public by offering quality programs that meet the needs of local communities. Instead, Big Media companies gut local newsrooms and ignore local issues.

Consider, also, a visit to Free Press for more information.


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  1. Tim Hogan says:

    We studied this phenomenon in classes in my Communications program where we read two fabulous books (now out of print) called "The Great Roob Revolution" by Roger Price and "The Broadcasters."

    One of my best teachers at Saint Louis University, Prof. Avis Meyer, warned of the dangers of consolidation and commercialization of the news media and the dumbing down of the news media (newspapers in particular) in 1979. Dr. Meyer ranted against the trends he saw and trained us to be better than what we saw. Now SLU is trying to keep him from working with students on the student newspaper and threatening him with lawsuits and financial ruin because he holds the powers that be accountable.

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