“Just give it more time.”

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That’s the phrase we keep hearing from the Bush administration about the troop surge in Baghdad.  “It’s too soon to tell,” “Let’s give the plan time to work,” “Just give it more time….”  It has all the makings of a Biblical prophesy:  peace will eventually return to Baghdad, the only question is whether it will take months, years, decades or centuries.  No wonder the Bushites want us to wait longer — if we wait long enough, Baghdad will heal itself and Bush can claim the credit.

Well, so far, Bush’s “plan” is failing.  The Pentagon reported today that violence continues to escalate in Iraq, despite the troop surge. 


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  1. grumpypilgrim says:

    More signs of (dis)stress: the U.S. Navy is stretched so thinly that it is looking for partners to help secure international seaways (see here).

    Moreover, the Bush Administration apparently chose its new chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff from the Navy, because of the grilling over Iraq that would likely occur if it sought to keep Marine General Peter Pace in the position for another two years.

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