Bush announces the newest (and worst yet) reason for having our troops in Iraq

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Look how low the bar has now gotten.   This is from the President’s May 2, 2007 address to the Associated General Contractors of America:

…”But slowly but surely, the truth will be known. Either we’ll succeed, or we won’t succeed. And the definition of success as I described is sectarian violence down. Success is not, no violence. There are parts of our own country that have got a certain level of violence to it. But success is a level of violence where the people feel comfortable about living their daily lives. And that’s what we’re trying to achieve.

So therefore, a “good” result is the same thing as a less bad result.  If we can just get the violence down to the level we see in American inner cities, we’ll declare victory (again) . . .  Compare this latest justification to some of the Administration’s other “justifications.”

Where did all of the current violence come from? I don’t hear Bush blaming any of the current violence on Saddam Hussein.  And for good reason.

And I don’t see anything about bringing the American military comepletely back home during any time frame.   I don’t see any acknowledgement that the U.S. has built 14 permanent bases in Iraq.  I don’t see any acknowledgment that we don’t ever intent to pull our military out of Iraq.


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  1. Erich Vieth says:

    Russ Feingold is arguing that the Dems need to stand firm post-veto: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/sen-russ-feingold/a…?

  2. Jason Rayl says:


    Just for the sake of argument, you might want to consider that the current level of violence in Iraq is only slightly higher than it was when Saddam was still in power–except that then it was "hidden." Saddam maintained an appearance of order by the Marshal Tito principle–"I don't care what your differences are, make a mess on my watch and I will kill you all." And he did. It would be interesting to do a tally of corpses between what Saddam Hussein produced during his tenure and what we have now. Now is certainly more public and more spectacular, but to argue that it is worse may not be entirely accurate.

    Just a thought.

  3. Tim Hogan says:

    Do we need a "surge" in certain inner cities of America? Where? I want to know, now, Mr. Bush! Does anyone understand what the heck this idiot is saying?

    Republicans, do you really want this boob as your leader? Impeach Bush and Cheney now!

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