What if the non-believers really were in charge? And obnoxious?

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We’ve heard a lot about the alleged attack on Christmas (and Christianity), especially from Bill O’Reilly.  Here’s a site that suggests what it would really be like if there were a war on Chistianity in the U.S.


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  1. Scholar says:

    Bill O'Reilly really thinks people are in an uproar about this? Great, I'm glad he is upset about something dumb like this, it shows his true colors. Calling for the BOYCOTTING of Sears because they treat "happy holidays" as a non-issue? Ridiculous Right Wing Christians. The O'Reilly's of the world can be even more dangerous than fundamentalists because, being moderate about certain aspects of society gives them a *smidgen* of credibility. You can wish me a happy Bastille Day, for all I care.

    The other link (about the anti-Christian nation) gives great examples of how brainwashed we all really are. I often find myself saying phrases like "thank God" without meaning to, and am probably going along with the rest of Christian society in many respects without even realizing it.


  2. grumpypilgrim says:

    Sometimes it just amazes me what will exercise militant Christians. One day they personify a fertilized egg, the next they imagine marriage is under "attack" from people who merely want to participate in it, and the next they imagine a "war" on Christmas. They'll say anything to stir the sheep to action.

    According to this website — http://www.holidays.net/christmas/story.htm — the history of Christmas dates back at least *two thousand years* before the birth of Jesus. Ironically, Christians originally tried to *ban* these celebrations — i.e., of the winter solstice — but eventually realized they could not overcome the popularity of this longstanding festival, so they did the next best thing: they claimed it as their own. But even that didn't happen until 300+ years *after Jesus died*. In fact, nobody actually knows when Jesus was born, so the whole notion of December 25 being a holy day is patently absurd.

    Nevertheless, militant Christians now believe Christmas is *their* holiday, and they are hell-bent (pardon the expression) on keeping it. God forbid we examine too carefully the fact that these folks are merely pawns in a game begun by a 4th century pope, who tried to be the party pooper of pagan solstice festivals, but apparently didn't have the power of the Holy Spirit supporting him.

  3. Marc says:

    I would LOVE it if juries had to swear on the Skeptical Inquirer. Juries ought to be more skeptical anyway.

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