Don’t re-invent the wheel when you next hear a creationist claim

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Really, you are not the first one to have heard that creationist claim you just heard.  Almost guaranteed.

The next time you hear something like any of the following, go to the Index to Creationist Claims published by TalkOrigins.

  • Darwin himself was racist.
  • Fairness demands evolution and creation be given equal time.
  • Inherit the Wind is false propaganda.
  • Evolution is only a theory.
  • Evolution can not be replicated.
  • “Survival of the fittest” is a tautology.
  • Evolution is a religion.
  • Bacterial flagella are irreducibly complex.

The site addresses many dozens more typical creationist claims.  TalkOrigins is a terrific place to begin all of your research on evolution and creationism.


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