“Yellow Pages” for Gods wrecks Pascal’s Wager

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What a terrific resource!  GodChecker.com. Who would you like to look up?  The Aztec god HUITZILOPOCHTLI?  The Mesopotamian gods TIAMAT or ENKI?  The South American god PERIBORIWA?

They are all here, complete with sassy yet informative descriptions.  Here’s an example of the writing concerning the South American god “Sinaa”:

SINAA: A large Jaguar God recognisable by having eyes in the back of his head. He is very old but able to shed his skin when he takes a bath and put on a new shiny one. He seems to have great knowledge and foresight, which he bestows to selected Medicine Men such as UAICA on a need-to-know basis.

But only he knows the whereabouts of the large forked stick that holds up the sky. One day he’ll pull it down and the world will end.

ALL the gods are here.  Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Jewish and all those other gods most of us didn’t know anything about.  I know it’s hard for Americans to comprehend, but many people on this planet believe in gods they don’t call “God” who are not mentioned in our Bible. 

But what if one (or two or three or four) of those other Gods is the true God(s)?  GodChecker.com serves as a bold reminder that there is more than one God from which to choose.  This reminder that there are other gods out there makes Pascal’s Wager all-too-complicated.  Those utilizing the Wager (there are many of you out there–I’m talking to you and you and, yes,  YOU) claim they believe in God just in case, right?  But WHICH God?  What if you guess wrong?  And while we’re at it, what if the real God (whatever his/her name) respects honest agnostics more than He/She respects conniving believers who are consciously hedging their bets?  And what DO you call someone wants to worship a God but who can’t decide which God to worship?  Do we even have a word for that kind of person? 

Here’s the bottom line:  Godchecker.com is a good antidote to Pascal’s Wager.  The potential existence of many Gods means that it might be best to just admit that you are an agnostic and get on with the hard work necessary to try to improve your community. 

On the Godchecker.com site you’ll find a special section on saints.  You can even check out the “Godchecker Holy Hit Parade.”

On the way out, you can stop by the GodShop, where you can buy LokiWear, Az-Tech t-shirts and a whole lot more.


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  1. grumpypilgrim says:

    Indeed, different human cultures have imagined into existence all sorts of gods, godesses, devils, demons, angels, etc., with all sorts of magical powers. Consider, for example, the belief in a life-death-rebirth deity; Wikipedia lists more than thirty of them: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Life-death-rebirth_d….

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